3D Printing Service

Laytac Innovation help you to convert your ideal to reality.


3D Printing Service frees you from traditional design and manufacturing limitations. You can pursue dozens of design iterations, and functionally test each one. We help you produce durable end-use parts with geometries too complex to affordably produce by traditional means. We'll open new worlds of innovation while reducing costs, streamlining operations and accelerating time to market. 

Our 3D Printing system are based on Fused Deposition Modeling technology (
FDM) that form of additive manufacturing technology where a three dimensional object is created by laying down successive layers of material. We have the versatility to produce thermoplastic parts with the strength, durability, accuracy and function of traditionally manufactured parts--without machining or tooling. Our Fused Deposition Modeling systems transform 3D CAD files into functional prototypes, manufacturing tools, and end-use parts. Parts built with production-grade materials last for years, performing like traditional parts under real-world conditions. 

Our 3D Printing model are made in ABSplus™ material (
material specmaterial safety data sheet)— a production-grade thermoplastic — and are tough enough for functional testing under real-world conditions. They can be drilled, machined, sanded, painted, even chrome-plated. They're perfect for proof of concept, functional testing, product mock-ups and even making jigs, fixtures and vacuum forming molds.