Why use 3D Printing?
The reasons for using a 3D printer are fundamentally the same as for using other rapid prototyping technologies i.e. SLA & SLS, which is to share information, to make a one-off component, to verify your design, to make an ornament and many others. The difference being now you can afford to do so.

3D printing machines are optimised for speed, low cost and ease of use which makes them suitable for visualising designs during the conceptual stages of your design when properties such as mechanical strength is less important.

How does the process work?
3D printing works by converting a 3D digital design into thin cross sections. This information is then sent to the machine where it starts to deposit material layer by layer, thus creating a 3-Dimensional object.

How does 3D printing compare with other rapid prototyping technologies?
3D printing technology is cheaper, faster and more accurate than SLA and SLS machines, and with the added bonus of no nasty chemicals, powders or resins to handle it is better for the environment as well.

A typical SLS machine uses a layer size of 0.15mm whereas the Objet technology uses a 0.028mm layer size (that’s about half the thickness of a human hair!) so the resulting surface finish is superior to SLA & SLS technologies.
FDM on the other hand uses a 0.25mm layer size but uses an ABSplus plastic material which is ideal for living hinges and click fittings.

What is the biggest size part you can print?
We can print parts up to 8x8x12 inches or 203x203x305 millimeters.

How much does it cost?
3D printed parts vary in price. A 1x1x1" part should may cost USD25 whereas a 5x5x5” part may cost USD2500. In order to get an accurate price please complete our RFQ form and send us your .stl file.

Why do we need .stl files?
We specifically do not need .stl files from the customer; however, we must be able to convert the CAD files into .stl files so that our software can generate how the part is to be printed. Most CAD software has a "save as" feature which allows you to save the part as different file types and usually include .stl files.

I don't have a 3D digital model, can you still give me a price?
To calculate the price for your model we need to import it into our specialist 3D printing software. Unfortunately there is no way of calculating the price without doing this so we can’t give prices without a 3D digital model.

How soon will my part arrive?
When you submit the RFQ formwe will contact you with a shipping date and price. If you need us to rush an order please let us know the exact date you need the part. Once you accept the quote and send us a Purchase Order (PO) or we receive payment; your parts will be delivered according to the terms listed on the RFQ form.